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Jennie Stephens

Dean’s Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy and Director, School for Public Policy and Urban Affairs
310J RP
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

Research & Scholarship Interests

Renewable energy transformation, reducing fossil fuel reliance, energy resilience, energy democracy, integrating social justice with climate and energy innovations
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Department Research Areas

Selected Publications

  • J.C. Stephens, D. Kopin, E.J. Wilson, T.R. Peterson, Framing of Customer Engagement Opportunities and Renewable Energy Integration by Electric Utility Representatives, Utilities Policy, 47, 2017, 69-74
  • N. Markusson, M.D. Gjefsen, J.C. Stephens, D. Tyfield, The Political Economy of Technical Fixes: The (mis)alignment of Clean Fossil and Political Regimes, Energy Research and Social Science, 23, 2017, 1-10
  • P.C. Frumhoff, J.C. Stephens, The Siren Call of US Funding for Solar Geoengineering Research, Forum on US Solar Geoengineering Research, Harvard University and University of California, Los Angeles School of Law, 2017
  • A.M. Feldpausch-Parker, T.R. Peterson, J.C. Stephens, E.J. Wilson, Smart Grid Electricity System Planning and Climate Disruptions: A Review of Climate and Energy Discourse Post-Superstorm Sandy, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2017
  • E.M. Cody, J.C. Stephens, J.P. Bagrow, P.S. Dodds, C.M. Danforth, Transitions in Climate and Energy Discourse Between Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, Journal of Environmental Studies and Science, 2016
  • R. Pearl-Martinez, J.C. Stephens, Toward a Gender Diverse Workforce in the Renewable Energy Transition, Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy, 12(1), 2016
  • J.C. Stephens, E.J. Wilson, T.R. Peterson, Smart Grid (R)Evolution: Electric Power Struggles, Cambridge University Press, 2015