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Civil & Environmental Engineering

hajjarWelcome to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Northeastern University, located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. Come and explore all the great research and academics that our department has to offer.

CEE Graduate Fellowships Available

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers Graduate Fellowships to Ph.D. and M.S./Ph.D. applicants. These prestigious Graduate Fellowships include integrated research and teaching to foster a comprehensive graduate education. Apply here.

CEE Faculty Positions

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is in the midst of a significant, multi-year expansion in size and scope that crosses disciplinary boundaries. We are seeking applicants at all faculty levels.

New CEE Faculty

Please welcome our new faculty to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Faculty Spotlight

A new strategy for microbial modeling

CEE Professor Ferdi Hellweger and his colleagues recently advocated a new strategy for microbial modeling in an opinion paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This emerging approach focuses on modeling individual microbes, paying close attention to the diversity of genetically identical bacterial cells, and questions the validity of population models which have history assumed bacterial cells were all the same. Prof. Hellweger and his colleagues believe this is the forward progress essential to fully understanding microbial systems.

News & Events

CEE Student Kayla Arruda Receives National Scholarship

Civil Engineering student Kayla Arruda recently received the Neil J. Rowan National Chi Epsilon Scholarship. More....

CEE Students Aim to Improve Traffic in Mansfield

Senior civil engineering students have developed solutions for traffic complications in Mansfield, MA, and their projects were recently discussed in The Boston Globe. More....

FY15 TIER 1 Award Recipients

Edward Beighley, Philip Larese-Casanova, Mark Patterson, Matthias Ruth, Ming Wang, Steven Cranford, Ralf Birken, and David Fannon were among the 19 COE faculty recipients of FY15 TIER 1 Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants for 11 different projects representing over $500K dollars of investment in research.

Northeastern’s Engineers Without Borders Named National Premier Student Chapter

Northeastern’s student chapter of Engineers Without Borders USA has been named the National Premier Student Chapter for 2014. More....

Auroop Ganguly Advocates for Big Data Climate Science

The research of CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly was featured in News@Northeastern for his findings regarding recent generation climate models and his perspectives on physics-aware data mining. More....