Welcome to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Northeastern University, located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts.

With over 100 years of history in research, teaching, and service to the community, we are experiencing unprecedented growth. As we continue to expand our faculty, rejuvenate and grow our research facilities, broaden and modernize our curriculum, and refine our world-class experiential learning model, there has never been a better time to study civil infrastructure and environmental engineering at Northeastern.

  • Faculty Position Available
    Assistant/Associate/Full Professor

    The department is seeking candidates for a tenure or tenure-track position with expertise in Automation in Civil and Environmental Engineering as well as in the broad area of Engineering at the Human-Natural Interface: Environmental Bioprocess, Air/Atmospheric, and Coastal Systems.

  • CEE Graduate Fellowships Available

    The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers Graduate Fellowships to Ph.D. and M.S./Ph.D. applicants. These prestigious Graduate Fellowships include integrated research and teaching to foster a comprehensive graduate education. Learn about our many Fellowships and Apply.

  • Wind and Waves- Lessons in Resiliency from Hurricane Hydrodynamics

    CEE/COS Professor Jim Chen and his Coastal Hydrodynamics Lab are studying the development and application of state-of-the-art computational models to address coastal resiliency and sustainability.

  • Student Spotlight
    Jude Arbogast

    CEE student Jude Arbogast selected by the American Society of Civil Engineers as one of ten "New Faces of Civil Engineering - Collegiate Edition".