Kelly O’Connell received national recognition when she was selected by the American Society of Engineering Educators as the Co-op Student of the Year for 2016. Her co-op career has been varied, including work as a general contractor, a water resources consultant, and an energy sustainability professional. Kelly forged an interdisciplinary engineering path at Northeastern, starting with a foundation in civil engineering, and bridging into mechanical engineering to bolster her credentials for a career in the energy industry. A globally-minded individual, Kelly has been heavily involved with Engineers Without Borders. She traveled to Uganda twice to work on water projects, and has held several leadership positions culminating in President, where she oversaw projects in Uganda, Honduras and Panama and was responsible for an annual budget of over $100,000.

Co-op 1
Barletta Engineering Corp
Canton, MA
Co-op 2
Environmental Partners Group
Quincy, MA
Co-op 3
Energy and Resource Solutions
North Andover, MA

My third co-op was the first time in my life that I actually was able to say, “I love my job!” I ended up at a commercial energy efficiency company that is everything I could ever want in an employer.