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Qi “Ryan” Wang

433 SN
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


  • 2015 Virginia Tech, PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • 2012 Michigan State University, MS

Research & Scholarship Interests

Urban and social resilience; geo-social networking; coupled, human-natural systems, natural disaster response and evacuation; urban computing
Affiliated With

Department Research Areas

Selected Publications

  • Q. Wang, J.E. Taylor, Patterns and Limitations of Urban Human Mobility Resilience Under the Influence of Multiple Types of Natural Disaster, PLoS one, 11(1), 2016
  • Q. Wang, J.E. Taylor, Process Map for Urban-Human Mobility and Civil Infrastructure Data Collection Using Geosocial Networking Platforms, Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 30(2), 2015
  • Q. Wang, J.E. Taylor, Energy Saving Practice Diffusion in Online Networks, Energy and Buildings, 76, 2014, 622-630
  • Q. Wang, J.E. Taylor, Quantifying Human Mobility Perturbation and Resilience in Hurricane Sandy, PLoS ONE, 9(11), 2014

Related News

March 23, 2017

21 COE faculty and affiliates were recipients of FY18 TIER 1 Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants for 12 different projects representing $600K dollars of investment in research.

September 1, 2016

Qi Ryan Wang joins the Civil & Environmental Engineering department in Fall 2016 as an Assistant Professor.

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