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Randall Hughes

360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


Prof. Hughes is interested in understanding the causes and consequences of biodiversity within and across species.  She focuses on marine and estuarine systems because of the strong experimental tradition in these systems and the important ecosystem services they provide to humans.  The incredible productivity of marine ecosystems and our increasing impact and reliance on them makes marine ecology an ideal field for addressing questions of concern to basic and applied science.


  • PhD, Ecology (Marine Ecology), University of California-Davis, 2006
  • BA, Biology / Public Policy Analysis, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1997

Research & Scholarship Interests

Marine Community Ecology and Biodiversity
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Department Research Areas

Selected Publications

  • R. Zerebecki, G.M. Crutsinger, A.R. Hughes, Spartina aterniflora Genotypic Identity Affects Plant-Plant and Plant-Animal Interactions in an Experimental Marsh Community, Journal of Ecology, 2017
  • A.R. Hughes, F.R. Schenck, J. Bloomberg, T.C. Hanley, D. Feng, T.C. Gouhier, R.E. Beighley, D.L. Kimbro, Biogeographic Gradients in Ecosystem Processes of the Invasive Ecosystem Engineer Phragmites australis, Biological Invasions, 18(9), 2016, 2577-2595
  • A.R. Hughes, T.C. Hanley, F.R. Schenck, C.G. Hays, Genetic Diversity of Seagrass Seeds Influences Seedling Morphology and Biomass, Ecology, 97, 2016, 3538-3546
  • T.C. Hanley, A.R. Hughes, B. Williams, H. Garland, D.L. Kimbro, Effects of Intraspecific Diversity on Survivorship, Growth, and Recruitment of the Eastern Oyster Across Sites, Ecology, 97, 2016, 1518-1529
  • A.R. Hughes, T.C. Hanley, N.P. Orozco, R.A. Zerebecki, Consumer Trait Variation Influences Tritrophic Interactions in Salt Marsh Communities, Ecology and Evolution, 5, 2015, 2659-2672
  • A.R. Hughes, D.A. Mann, D.L. Kimbro, Predatory Fish Sounds can Alter Crab Foraging Behavior and Influence Bivalve Abundance, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 281, 2014
  • A.R. Hughes, A.F.P. Moore, M.F. Piehler, Independent and Interactive Effects of Two Facilitators on Their Habitat-Providing Host Plant, Spartina alterniflora, Oikos 123, 2014, 488-499