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Sasani Named Fellow of ASCE

May 20, 2015

CEE Associate Professor Mehrdad Sasani was named a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Mehrdad’s primary research interest is on collapse resistance of structures under manmade and natural hazards (see Discovery Channel Segment on Progressive Collapse). He is a member of the ASCE/SEI committee on Disproportionate Collapse Mitigation Standards. Mehrdad is also a member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE. While serving as the chair of Structures Committee of the BSCES (Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section) in 2012-2013, he initiated and currently chairs Massachusetts Engineers & Architects Emergency (MEAER) committee. As part of a coalition, he testified before the Joint House and Senate Judicial Committee of MA in Support of Good Samaritan Act, which provides liability protection for volunteer disaster responders and became law in August 2014. Mehrdad was also recently named a fellow of the Structural Engineering Institute.