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Prof. Edward Beighley Receives NASA Grants

May 9, 2014

CEE Professor Edward Beighley was awarded with two grants from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to explore the global terrestrial hydrologic cycle by integrating satellite measurements and modeling. Recent advances in remote sensing provide consistent, near-global measurements characterizing individual components of the hydrologic cycle. Modeling can be used to integrate these measurements and provide a more complete understanding of all fresh water stores and fluxes. Prof. Beighley and his students are developing new techniques for quantifying, in both space and time, the behavior of dominant water storage and flux components in large basins with varied climate conditions. The goal of this research is to understand better how the terrestrial hydrologic cycle will be impacted by climate or land cover changes.  Prof. Beighley was awarded two grants from NASA for these efforts: one from the Terrestrial Hydrology Program entitled: “Decomposing the water storage signal from basins with varied climates using remote sensing and modeling”, and one from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission entitled: “Enhancement of GRACE temporal gravity field solutions to study terrestrial water dynamics in the Congo Basin”.  Congratulations to Prof. Beighley!