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CEE Students Win COE Outstanding Co-op Awards

May 16, 2017

Elianne Klein, E’17 and Matthew Parlon, E’17 were honored at a May 2nd lunch celebrating the COE co-op awards.  The COE Co-op Awards are presented to students selected by co-op faculty in recognition of their professional development and achievements resulting from their co-op experiences.  

Elianne Klein, Civil Engineering

1st Co-op:  Baker Concrete Construction Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL

2nd Co-op:  Baker Concrete Construction Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Elianne Klein spent her two co-ops with Baker Concrete Construction. She moved throughout the company, working in the field on multiple job sites, where she was responsible for reviewing plans, managing material deliveries, planning and cost estimating. She also spent time in the main office, where she actively sought out career mentors. Elianne describes a typical day as “running around, working fast, speaking with seven people at a time, some shouting, and then sitting at [my] computer waiting for the next round of chaos. It is absolutely thrilling being in such a tense, fast-paced environment.” In her first co-op evaluation, her supervisor described her as “an amazing young woman who exceeded all expectations in a tough South Florida Construction Market! She is a Special Talent, and is a priority hire for our company.” They have since hired her for after graduation.

Matthew Parlon, Civil Engineering

1st Co-op:  Green International Affiliates, Westford, MA

2nd Co-op:  Weston & Sampson Inc., Peabody, MA

3rd Co-op:  BlueWave Capital, Boston, MA

Matt Parlon forged an interdisciplinary engineering path at Northeastern to end up in renewable energy development work. His first co-op experience was in the transportation division of Green International Affiliates, but he volunteered to work in their water resources division, too. He used this experience to get hired as a water resources co-op at Weston & Sampson, and while there befriended and worked for people in the renewable energy group. This primed him for his third co-op, doing solar energy development work for BlueWave Capital, where his ultimate career interests were solidified as he took over many of the duties of a full-time analyst who left the firm. His supervisor at BlueWave reports that Matt “has the combination of professional skill, emotional intelligence and common sense that is critical to success in a multidisciplinary field such as real estate development.”

Congratulations and best of luck to them as they step into the next phase of their professional careers.