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CANstructing for Charity

October 21, 2011

Northeastern University's Chi Epsilon Team, headed by Andrew Childs, a junior civil engineering student, were recognized at the Annual CANstruction Competition for their outstanding solid-bodied structural model of a Costa Rican Red-Eyed Tree Frog. The structure consisted of nearly 3,000 cans of food. CANstruction is a community service project benefiting thousands of hungry people each year as is spotlights the design and construction industry giving back to the communities is helps build. Being one of the select few structures recognized by the judges among all of the participants is a great honor. Congratulations to Andrew and his team!

CANstruction Team: Andrew Childs (captain), Keith Hall (Chi-Epsilon chapter president), Makoto Weinstein, Sarah Keenan, Conor Murphy, Nolan Scheemaker, Sara Barret
In collaboration with Ashley Wisse of WJE Associates