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Master of Science in Sustainable Building Systems

The Master of Science in Sustainable Building Systems integrates elements of an architectural engineering program with construction management while embracing the concepts of engineering sustainability as related to energy and materials usage and the effect on the environment. The Sustainable Building Systems program focuses on the design and operation of buildings to provide a comfortable, healthy, and productive environment and landscape with minimal energy and environmental impact. Prospective students for the MSSBS program are engineering, architecture, business or science majors, and industry professionals pursuing an industrial or public planning based career, who desire to gain cutting edge knowledge in sustainability practices for building systems development and its infrastructure.

Students enrolled in the MS in Sustainable Building Systems have the opportunity to also pursue one of the many engineering graduate certificate options in addition to or in combination with this program. Students should consult their faculty advisor regarding these options. The MS in Sustainable Building Systems can be combined with a Gordon Engineering Leadership certificate. Learn more about the benefits of this unique program. 

Educational Objectives

The MSSBS program strives to address a societal need for professionals who will effectively integrate building systems development while embracing sustainable architecture, engineering, and management practices to satisfy the growing demand for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The program will prepare students for executive roles in sustainability engineering and architectural practice, development, and research in either the private or public sectors. Students will develop leadership and decision making skills to implement sustainable building practices. Upon graduation, students will have a theoretical background to understand the concepts behind the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Associate examination, an internationally recognized green building certification system, offered from the U.S. Green Building Council, post-graduation. Graduates of the MSSBS program will be involved in design and construction management, architecture and engineering design, and the decision making or policy planning that will deliver sustainable building systems to the global market.

Learning Outcomes: 

The M.S. programs' student learning outcome is

  • The ability to use basic engineering concepts flexibly in a variety of contexts.

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