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Environmental Engineering and Landscape Architecture BS

Environmental engineering and landscape architecture are two important disciplines that deal with the complex interaction between the natural and the built environment. Both professions have critical functions that are essential in the development of society in terms of planning and designing more sustainable cities.  The combination of these two professions creates great synergy and seeks to expose engineering students to the conceptual and practical content of landscape planning. Graduates from this degree will be prepared to imagine and create projects that can be translated into reality providing solutions to address the world’s growing challenges by designing clean and sustainable environments and green infrastructure. 

Students completing the combined major Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering and Landscape Architecture will receive a rigorous engineering training education, enabling a high level of engineering knowledge as well as exposure to a broad range of landscape architectural topics and design experiences.

Students will also have the opportunity to undertake a co-op experience consistent with the policies and opportunities offered within the College of Engineering.

Associated Faculty & Staff