Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental engineering at Northeastern University includes the study of approaches for engineering the earth, studying soil and rock mechanics for infrastructure systems, soil/water interactions, coastal engineering, seismic engineering, soil and ground water remediation, and environmental.  

As a student of civil engineering at Northeastern University focusing on geotechnical/geoenvironmental engineering, you will interact with our interdisciplinary faculty from a modern and innovative perspective by combining field experimentation with computational simulation and large-scale testing of geo systems. By leading and housing the research center PROTECT, a $23M program funded by NIH-NIEHS, our faculty are world-class leaders in environmental health, engaging in research that focuses on reducing exposure to groundwater contamination and developing green remediation strategies that mitigate preterm birth rates through reducing exposure to pollutants that may threaten human health and  natural ecosystems.

Selected Research Projects - Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental

ProjectFunding AgencyFaculty
Developing International Protocols for Offshore Sediments and their Role in Geohazards: Characterization, Assessment, and MitigationNational Science FoundationSheahan
PROTECT: Puerto Rico Testsite for Exploring Contamination ThreatsNational Institute of Environmental Health SciencesAlshawabkeh
Sustainable Adaptive Gradients in the Coastal Environment: Reconceptualizing the Role of Infrastructure in ResilienceNational Science FoundationSheahan
NEESR: Induced Partial Saturation (IPS) through Transport and Reactivity for Liquefaction MitigationNational Science FoundationYegianAlshawabkeh


Associated Faculty & Staff