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Technical Areas

Civil and Environmental Engineering plays a vital role in human progress and well-being worldwide. As Civil and Environmental Engineers, we conceptualize, innovate, design, and build sustainable infrastructure and environments that helps civilization advance and thrive. Our website highlights the many areas and activities of Civil and Environmental Engineers – scan our website to learn about the technical areas and interdisciplinary topics we focus on here at Northeastern University. You will discover an amazing profession that will inspire you to explore the limitless possibilities of your imagination through combining advanced technologies, simulation, field work, and innovative, collaborative, and interdisciplinary design to address some the most pressing and exciting opportunities in the world. Our field is crucial for addressing many of the Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st Century from the National Academy of Engineering, including engineering a resilient and sustainable urban infrastructure, establishing clean water and a clean environment, and advancing technologies in computing, sensing and human health.  

Feel free to visit our website to discover the unique work we do in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Northeastern University. And the next time you travel the world in the latest transportation technology, enjoy an awe-inspiring city skyline, or consider the challenge of providing clean water and a clean environment to the world, take a moment to consider the major leadership role of Civil and Environmental Engineering in these endeavors.  Join us to be a global leader in this exciting field.

The core disciplines in the department remain the backbone of the disciplinary work and represent the breadth of topics covered by the department within civil and environmental engineering: These include: