Degrees & Programs

The Civil Engineering curriculum at Northeastern University aims to prepare students to contribute to society as civil engineers and in other professions that benefit from a technical education. Our graduates will be technically competent, creative, critical thinkers, and skilled as communicators. You will have the educational background you need to become a licensed Professional Engineer and/or to pursue graduate study in civil engineering. You will also have a broad knowledge base in science, engineering, and general studies that allows you flexibility in career development and graduate education.

By participating in our cooperative education program, our graduates will better understand what career objectives fit their own skills and interests. They will have valuable professional experience, career management skills, and contacts that will help get them started in their professional career. At the same time, our graduates will be responsible and scientifically educated citizens, prepared to contribute personally as well as professionally to an educated, democratic society.

These are some of our distinguishing features:

  • Our interdisciplinary approach to the BS degree allows students to gain both breadth and depth in their education in civil and environmental engineering.
  • We also offer several innovative degree programs, such as joint BS/MS degrees that integrate the undergraduate and graduate degrees with co-op to create a cohesive five-year program; and the Galante Engineering/MBA program that provides students with a five and half year program to obtain both BS and MBA degrees.
  • Our acclaimed cooperative education program, which the vast majority of our undergraduate students participate in two to three six-month co-ops with companies and universities around the world. These co-op experiences allow you as a NU student to gain outstanding knowledge and experience, as well as explore the challenges and rewards of the different civil engineering disciplines. Upon graduation, students typically have significant professional and practical experience, a clear sense of career objectives, and excellent employment opportunities, often from previous co-op employers.
  • Our student chapters are strong and vibrant and provide outstanding opportunities for our students. Our Engineers without Borders chapter (NU-EWB) is recognized as one of the premier chapters in the country, with current ongoing projects in Honduras and Uganda. American Society of Civil Engineers (NUASCE) has been recognized numerous times over the years as the most outstanding chapter in the country. Chi Epsilon, the Institute of Transportation Engineers, the Society of Women Engineers, and others provide a range of outstanding opportunities for our students such as community service projects that embody the true spirit of our profession; national competitions that enable our students to learn new skills and meet colleagues from around the country; and weekly seminars that bring top engineers to our campus to interact directly with our students.