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Cooperative Education

The cooperative education program at Northeastern University is a cornerstone of our education that affords students the chance to work in engineering practice prior to graduation. Through this program, undergraduate and graduate students gain hands-on, professional experience as well as a chance to build personal connections and contacts within their field of interest.

Information on engineering licensing and professional ethics.

Information about graduate co-op is available here. Graduate students work for 4, 6, or 8 months at a time depending on the position and the student’s availability.

For more general information please visit the NU Co-op Home Page

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning integrates the classroom and the real world for students. The Civil and Environmental Engineering department uses its expertise in structures, construction management, transportation, environmental engineering, and geotechnical/geoenvironmental engineering to help solve real problems such as water contamination.

Engineering without Borders (EWB) is one organization at Northeastern that allows students to travel to countries such as Uganda and Honduras to address their need for potable water. Since 2004 this student group has designed and constructed water projects in six communities, directly affecting over 2,000 individuals. Northeastern’s experiential philosophy allows students to become real world engineers while they are still learning in the classroom.

Another opportunity for students is Northeastern’s Dialogue of Civilizations. One Civil and Environmental Dialogue was called “The Science and Policy of Climate Change in India”, led by Professor Auroop Ganguly. During this 2014 trip a group of students, faculty and staff traveled to India visiting Mumbai, Bangalore, Kerala, and Delhi. This group was able to work with experts on business and governance to understand the challenges that India and other emerging economies face with climate change. This gave both faculty and students an interdisciplinary perspective of how to apply politics, socioeconomic and engineering principals when dealing with real world problems. 


For more information about the civil engineering co-op and experiential learning program please contact:

Student Success Stories

  • Catching Lizards in Panama

    Madeline DuBois
    BS, Environmental Engineering 2020

    It’s September, and Northeastern student Madeline DuBois is walking through the Panamanian jungle when something catches her eye.