Note: These are the suggested electives for those students interested in the field of Environmental Health.
Please consult the registrar's catalog for a complete listing of degree requirements and electives.

Course #Course TitleSH

Project Electives

Complete the following course:

CIVE 5536Hydrologic Engineering4

Technical Electives

Complete 11 semester hours from the following:

CIVE 4534 and
CIVE 4535
Environmental Engineering II + Laboratory for Environmental Engineering II3
CIVE 4540Resource Recovery and Waste Treatment Technologies Abroad4
CIVE 4777Climate Hazards and Resilient Cities or Coastlines4
CIVE 5271Solid and Hazardous Waste Management4
CIVE 5275Life Cycle Assessment of Materials, Products, and Infrastructure4

Science Electives

Complete one of the following:

BIOL 1117 and
BIOL 1118
Integrated Anatomy and Physiology 1 + Lab for BIOL 11174
BIOL 1121 and
BIOL 1122
Basic Microbiology + Basic Microbiology Lab4
BIOL 1141Microbes and Society4
BIOL 1143Biology and Society4
CHEM 2311 and
CHEM 2312 and
CHEM 2319
Organic Chemistry + Lab for CHEM 2311 + Recitation4
CHEM 2321 and
CHEM 2322
Analytical Chemistry + Analytical Chemistry Lab4
ENVR 1101Environmental Science4
ENVR 1110Global Climate Change4
ENVR 1111Weather and Climate4
ENVR 4505Wetlands4
ENVR 5280Groundwater Modeling4
ENVR 5282Groundwater Geochemistry4
PHYS 4623Medical Physics4

CEE General Electives

Complete five academic, nonremedial, nonrepetive courses, each equivalent to 4 semester hours

AFRS 1270Introduction to Global Health4
ANTH 2330Environmental Antropology4
BIOE 2060Special Topics in Bioengineering4
BIOE 2355Quantitative Physiology for Bioengineers4
BIOE 2365 and
BIOE 2366
Bioengineering Measurement, Experimentation, and Statistics + Lab for BIOE 23654
CHEM 1101,
CHEM 1102, and
CHEM 1103
General Chemistry for Health Sciences + Lab for 1101 + Recitation4
CHEM 1104,
CHEM 1105, and
CHEM 1106
Organic Chemistry for Health Sciences + Lab for 1104 + Recitation4
CHME 4634Nanomaterials" Thin Films and Structures4
CHME 5630Biochemical Engineering4
CIVE 4541Waste Management Policy Abroad4
CIVE 4778Climate Adaptation and Policy in an Emerging Economy4
CIVE 5250Organic Pollutants in the Environment4
CIVE 5270Environmental Protection and Management4
COMM 1112Public Speaking4
COMM 1113Business and Professional Speaking4
COMM 3500Environmental/Risk Communication4
CS 1501Algorithms and Data Structures for Engineering (CS 1500) + Lab for CS 151
CS 2501Fundamentals of Computer Science 1 (CS 2500) + Lab for CS 251
CS 3200Database Desi4
CS 3520Programming in C4
ENVR 2500 and
ENVR 2501
Biostatistics + Lab for ENVR 25004
ENVR 3200Water Resources4
ENVR 4500 and
ENVR 4501
Applied hydrogeology + Lab for ENVR 45004
ENVR 4504Environmental Pollution4
EECE 5642Data Visualization4
ENGW 3303Advanced Writing in the Environmental Professions4
ENLR 5121Engineering Leadership 12
EMGT 5220Engineering Project Management4
ENTR 2301Innovation4
ENTR 3319Innovation Workshop4
ENTR 3325Sustainable Innovation4
GE 1202Engineering Innovation and Discovery Abroad4
GE 5010Customer-Driven Technical Innovation for Engineers4
GE 5020Engineering Product Design Methodology4
GE 5100Product Development for Engineers4
IE 5640Data Mining for Engineering Applicatio4
LPSC 2301Introduction to Law, Policy, and Society4
MARS 3310Water Resources Policy and Management4
MARS 3425Biology of Fishes4
PHIL 1180Environmental Ethics4
PHTH 2350Community and Public Health4
PHTH 4515Health Policy: Public Health in Crisis4
PHTH 5214Environmental Health3
PHTH 5230Global Health3